How To: Archive to Asset Control via WebForm

Version 3

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x


    This article describes how to use "Data Translation Services" to create a "Web Form" that will allow users to archive devices to "Asset Control"



    Create the "Archive Asset" rule and Rule Group:

      1. Navigate to "Tools >> Data Analytics >> Data Translation Services"
      2. Expand "All Types"
      3. Right click "Archive Asset" and select "New Rule"
      4. Give the rule a name and Description then click Next.
      5. Ensure that the "Link Attributes:" is set to "Computer.Device ID"
      6. Check the box to "Delete from Management Suite" then click Finish
      7. Right click "User Groups" and select "Add Group" and name the group.
      8. Drag and drop your "Archive Web Form" Rule into this group.

    Create the "Web Form" and "Web Group"

      1. Right Click "Barcode Web Form" and Select "New Rule"
      2. Give you form a Name, Description and check the box to "Create new device if not exist" then click next
      3. In the radial options Select "Management Suite" and "Computer Data" then click Next
      4. Next we are going to add 2 attributes to the form then click Finish.
          1. Device Name will have 2 specific settings added to it
            • Link to Existing Device
            • Run a Rule Group
              • Select the Rule group we created in a previous step to trigger the Archive to asset control action
          2. Serial Number will remain Default
      5. Next right click on "Barcode Web Group" and select New Rule
      6. Give the form a name and description
      7. Add the Web Form rule we created in the previous step to the selected Items
      8. Right click on the new form group and select Run to launch the form.