The session manager failed to publish GoldMine - trying to add program to iGoldMine GoGlobal

Version 1


    - After installing iGoldMine / GoGlobal to the server and trying to add an application to the Cluster Manager, the following error is presented:

    A licensing error has occurred for this application

    on one or more dependent hosts.  Please see the log file on the relay server for details.


    - The Application Publishing Log (found by following Available Log files for iGoldMine - which information can I provide to Technical Support already when I submit an inquir…  )  shows:

    The session manager failed to publish GoldMine



    1 - Pasted permanent GoGlobal license *.lic file to iGoldMine program directory.

    2 - Stopped iGoldMine / GoGlobal Application Publishing Service in services.msc

    3 - Started iGoldMine / GoGlobal licensing service in services.msc.

    4 - Added GoldMine to the cluster manager without error.