Self Service - My Items Approval record is still showing 'Pending' when parent Service Request has been 'Cancelled'

Version 4


    In Self Service > My Items, a customer can submit a Service Request that has an approval process. When the Service Request is submitted an Approval record is created. Additionally, if the Approval status is 'Pending' there is an issue when that Service Requested has been cancelled the My Item > Approval record still shows status 'Pending' and not 'Cancelled'.



    Below are the steps to resolve the issue -


    1. Go to Configure Application > Business Objects > FRS_MyItem > Quick Actions, create Update quick action


    2. In the Update quick action, set (update) the field ‘Status’ = $(“Cancelled”)


    3. Next go to Application > Business Objects > FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking > Workflows


    4. Create workflow with the following settings


         a. Configuration button (wrench icon on button), set the condition to …field ‘Status’ Equal to ‘Cancelled’


         b. Add a 1) Start, 2) ‘Run For Child’ and 3) Stop workflow blocks. Connect blocks in sequential order.


         c. In the Run for Child block, use the following settings


              i. Relationship: FRS_ApprovalVoteTrackingAssociatedFRS_MyItem


              ii. ‘Run Quick action’: select quick action created in step 1 above


              iii. Condition: ‘Status’ equal to ‘Cancelled’