Adobe Reader can not save PDF files from internet browser with Folder Redirection enabled

Version 2


    Consider the following scenario:


    • Folder Redirection is configured. This can either by through a GPO or through Ivanti Workspace Control in Composition > Actions By Type > Files and Folders > Folder Redirection.
    • A PDF file is saved from an internet browser.


    In this scenario, the following message is displayed:


    Adobe Reader

    The Disk you were saving to or the disk used for temporary files is full. Free some space on this disk and try again, or save to a different disk.


    2018-06-01 11_12_53-Windows Tweaks.png




    Disable the option Enable Protected Mode at startup within Adobe Reader DC.


    2018-06-01 11_53_23-Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.png




    Create a new User Registry entry in Ivanti Workspace Control for this setting.


    Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\DC\Privledged

    Value: bProtectedMode

    Type: REG_DWORD

    Data: 0