Problem / Solution: Unable to authenticate hswadmin using apiKey <####> from multi instance web service

Version 2

    Requires Access To:

    ConfigDB tenant, Ops Console


    Error message:

    When trying to perform a push operation in Ops Console, you receive the error, "Unable to authenticate hswadmin using apiKey <####> from from multi instance web service"

    You may also receive the error, "Tenant not found." when trying to log into the given tenant.



    One possible cause is that the tenant record does not have a landscape type set properly in the ConfigDB. This can sometimes occur after deleting a tenant and recreating a tenant in the Ops Console, or if the landscape type was never set.

    Sometimes the landscape type will appear to be set in the ConfigDB but will need to be re-set.


    Solution / Workaround 1:

    1) Log into the ConfigDB tenant

    2) Open the Tenants workspace (if not already open)

    3) Double-click the tenant that has the issue

    4) Change the Landscape Type to an unused value (such as "Other")

    5) Save

    6) Set the Landscape Type back to the correct value

    7) Save

    ** If the Landscape Type in step 4 is blank, simply set it to the correct value and Save. **


    Solution / Workaround 2:

    Please make sure you have valid license on target environment. It can be easily checked by an attempt of logging to it.