Ivanti Endpoint Security Service Cannot Be Started after EPS Security Component Is Installed Successfully on Windows 10

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2017.x


    After EPS Security Component is successfully installed on Windows 10, Ivanti Endpoint Security Service cannot be automatically started. Not even after a restart of the laptop. The user has to manually start the service.



    "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" is enabled in Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options.

    Turn on fast startup.png



    You can disable the "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" option with an elevated Command Prompt. Enter CMD as an Administrator, and enter this command:


    Powercfg /h off


    NOTE: The above option disappears after the command is successfully executed.

    turn off.png


    After this setting is reconfigured, push install the Endpoint Security component, Ivanti Endpoint Security Service should now be automatically started after a reboot of the machine.