How to check the health of Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server and Ivanti Workspace Control Agent

Version 6

    The health of the Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server can be checked as follows:


    • Check the connection to the primary and secondary datastore (if they are split) by making an ODBC connection to both databases. Especially the connection to the secondary database is important when the Relay Server seems to stop processing transactions.
    • Check the basic performance of the SQL server by, in the SQL Server Management Studio, right-clicking on the table tblLogs in the secondary database and selecting the option Select Top 1000 Rows. The query should complete in milliseconds.
    • Check the timestamp of files in C:\ProgramData\Ivanti\Relay Server\{F2F117F2-A3FE-4757-AE78-393D495C0EE4}\Cache\20180115081312\Objects\. All should have the same timestamp and these should be in conjunction with the latest change in the database.
    • Check the Windows Event Log for Events from Source Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server.
    • Check C:\ProgramData\RES\Relay Server\{EnvironmentGUID}\Transactions for any transactions. This folder should be empty, or files should only exist very shortly. When 50k files build up in here (typically a Microsoft SQL Server performance issue) the Relay Server will stop accepting any new transactions from agents.
    • Restart the Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server service and confirm that it can start again correctly.
    • Check C:\Windows\Temp and clean up the contents once in while if the Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server Log On As account on the service is configured to Local System.
    • Check free disk space. The Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server service will stop with less than 500MB of free space.
    • Check RelayServer.exe Handles. This should not be more than 10K.
    • Check RelayServer.exe CPU usage. Make sure to establish a baseline first.
    • Check latency from the Relay Server to the Microsoft SQL Server. Make sure to establish a baseline first.
    • Check Active Connections for each Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server by running the Powershell Script below. This will show if one Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server is taking more connections than other Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Servers.



    $RSImagePath = Get-ItemProperty -Path Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\RESRLS -Name ImagePath -ErrorAction Stop
    $RLSPath = $RSImagePath.ImagePath
    $RLSPath = $RLSPath -replace  '"',''
    $RLSRootPath = $RLSPath -replace  'RelayServer.exe',''
    Start-Process $RLSPath "/dump" -WorkingDirectory $RLSRootPath -Wait -Verb runAs
        [xml]$XMLDocument = Get-Content -Path "$RLSRootPath\RelayServer_State.xml"
        Write-Host $XMLDocument.RelayServerState.RelayServer.HostInfo -ForegroundColor Green
        Write-Host "LastSyncSucceeded:" $XMLDocument.RelayServerState.RelayServer.environmentmanager.activecaches.cachedenvironment.cacher.LastSyncSucceeded -ForegroundColor Green
        $XMLDocument.RelayServerState.RelayServer.Connections.Connection | Format-Table -AutoSize 




    The health of the Ivanti Workspace Control Agent can be checked as follows;

    • Run the command %RESPFDIR%\svc\res.exe /config and confirm that the agent has the correct connection information. Click Test and verify an OK connection.
    • Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\RES\Workspace Manager\UpdateGUIDs\] and delete the “Global" GUID. This forces an immediate check of all other GUIDs and refresh settings if needed.
    • To refresh local Ivanti Workspace Control policy settings, the "Settings" GUID can be deleted. This will reapply all settings from the datastore.
    • Unlike on the Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server, each XML file in the Agent cache can have a different modification date depending on when the specific settings were pulled down from the datastore. To verify the agent Objects folder, the number of XML objects can be compared between two machines.
    • As a last resort, the DBCache Folder and [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\RES\Workspace Manager\UpdateGUIDs\] can be deleted when a cache corruption is suspected. This will force a FirstTimeSync and will refresh all settings.