June 2018 Security Product Roadmap Update

Version 1

    A lot happened at Dallas Interchange. Here are the highlights.


    At Dallas Interchange 2018 we introduced the latest in Ivanti technologies and shared the development roadmap for our security products. We’re excited to share some highlights from that event with you.


    We’d also like to address misconceptions that arose about the future of the products we offer now. Be assured that none of our security products have reached end-of-life (EOL). We updated several in the past couple months, and we’ll continue to release updates throughout the year and beyond.


    Please take a moment and view the attached document to learn more about security news from Interchange:


    • Ivanti Security Controls, our soon-to-be new product, which brings together leading features in our security product set
    • The roadmap for products Ivanti Security Controls is based on
    • An update on the path forward for Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager
    • How you migrate to Ivanti Security Controls (if you choose to)
    • Ivanti Smart Advisors, another in-development solution, which correlates patch intelligence and other critical back-to-basics security data to provide real-time updates on your security posture