How To: Display Web Pages in Portal Manager

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2018.x

    How To:

    This is a guide on how to display web pages inside of portal manager.


    Step by Step:

         1.) Go to agent settings, select portal manager, and click the create new settings icon.


         2.) Select Applications, highlight Service Manager and select Copy.

         3.) Enter a name into the two fields at the top, and the website URL into the Parameters field and save.

         4.) Move the new application into the Show in portal manager box to the right and save.

         5.) Click the create a task icon and select Change settings.

         6.) Select the portal manager agent setting desired, target machines with the task and start it.

         7.) Open Portal manager on a client that was targeted by the task and you will see the application.

         8.) Click on the application and the web page will display in portal manager!