Removable Disks Security rule not applied correctly on U3 USB sticks

Version 3


    Consider the following scenario:


    • A Removable Disks Security rule has been created with Read and Modify as Assigned Permissions on Removable Disks. Access Control is assigned to User / Group.
    • An Ivanti Workspace Control Session is started on Microsoft Windows 10 by a user which is not included in the Access Control on the Removable Disks Security rule.
    • A U3 USB stick is inserted in the session.


    In this scenario, the user is able to perform read and write actions on the U3 USB disk, while this should be blocked by the configured Removable Disks Security rule.




    This issue is under investigation by Ivanti Support.




    Create an additional Removable Disks Security rule with no Assigned Permissions on Removable Disks and configure the Access Control to exclude User / Group who should have read and write permissions on Removable Disks.