Understanding Date Time Fields and Time Zones

Version 3

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    Service Desk 2016.x

    Please see attached a new whitepaper which brings together some of the frequently asked questions about Date Time Fields and Time Zones in ServiceDesk.


    The topics covered in the attached document are:


    • Storing Date Time fields in Local time or UTC?
    • How can I tell if date fields are stored in my database UTC or local time (7.3 only)?
    • How can I tell if date fields are stored in my database in UTC or local time (relevant to 7.2.x and 7.3.x)?
    • Display of Date Time fields
    • How does console know my local time?
    • What about web based users?
    • Web Analyst Users (Service Portal Analysts)
    • Using time zones in LANDesk Portal – extract from the 7.3 ServicePortal.pdf
    • Web Desk or Web Access Users
    • Considerations regarding SLAs and Time Zones
    • Are my SLA Escalation points starting from "Incident Creation datetime" or from Current Datetime?
    • Converting UTC datetime fields to show local time in Crystal Reports
    • What are the time zones in the database?
    • What is the difference between the "Creation Date" attribute and the "Raise Date" attribute?
    • Can I change a Persistence type of a DateTime field after it has been saved?
    • My date format is incorrect on email notifications
    • Can I change dates from US format on windows and trees in Service portal?
    • How do I construct a workload list query to also include the SLA expiry date\time?
    • Using dates, times and time spans in Calculations (7.3.x)