Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server – DO NOT MODIFY

Version 5

    Expert hints for troubleshooting Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server


    General Documentation:

    Product usage information be found in the admin guide https://help.res.com/workspaceadminguide10

    Release Notes for Ivanti Workspace Control https://www.ivanti.com/support/product-documentation

    Software download link (Relay Server software is included in the Ivanti Workspace Control download link):Ivanti Workspace Control revision download links


    Relay Server Performance:

    • Relay Server performance depends a lot on the number of agents connected to it, but even more so on the number of transactions that are uploaded from each agent. The number of transactions increases when more logging features are enabled.
    • Each Relay Server can serve approximately 1500 agents.
    • The Relay Server process is multi-threaded. Adding more cores to a Relay Server increases performance considerably.
    • The entire cache is loaded into memory by the Relay Server. Make sure to allocate enough memory.
    • Relay Server performance depends for 90% on the performance of the Workspace Control logging database. Make sure the performance of the Microsoft SQL database is optimal.


    Relay Server license issues:

    Workspace Control Relay Server Error: Failed to process license, a license already exists for an other session.


    Relay Server Health:

    How to check the health of Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server and Ivanti Workspace Control Agent


    Create Relay Server advanced logging :

    HOWTO: Create a trace file for troubleshooting Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server

    The Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server Performance Counters