"File not found" issue when manually configuring a Web Desk virtual directory

Version 4

    If you want to host Web Desk under a different web site in IIS other than "Default Website" or want multiple URLs here are the steps to take to ensure you don't hit any "File Not Found" errors when trying to browse to it.


    1,  Select the Application Pools branch within IIS, right-click and select New -> Application Pool... .

    2.  On the window that appears give the application pool a name, this will be used exclusively for the new instance of Web Desk so name it accordingly.

    3.  Press OK and confirm the application pool is now listed under the Application Pools branch.

    4.  Select the Web Site of your choice in IIS right-click and select New -> Virtual Directory... .

    5.  The Virtual Directory Creation Wizard will launch, press Next on the first page.

    6.  Enter the Alias (name of the virtual directory, typically WebDesk) and press Next.

    7.  Browse to the path of your Web Desk installation (typically c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\WebDesk) and press Next.

    8.  Ensure the Read and Run scripts checkboxes are enabled and press Next.

    9.  Press Finish to complete the wizard.

    10.  On the newly created virtual directory right-click and select Properties... .

    11.  On the Virtual Directory properties panel click the Create button in the Application Settings section of the window.

    12.  In the Application Pool dropdown select the one we created in steps 1-3.

    13.  Click the Configuration button in the Application Settings section of the window.

    14.  On the Mappings panel press the Add... button.

    15.  In the Executable box enter C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isapi.dll

    16.  In the Extension box enter .rails

    17.  Ensure the Verify that file exists checkbox is disabled.

    18.  Press OK, then OK, then OK again.

    19.  Perform an iis reset.


    If your new virtual directory has a different name to your original installation (ie. not still "WebDesk" but under a different web site name) also perform these steps:


    20.  Locate the c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Touchpaper folder.

    21.  Copy the WebDesk sub-folder from the original installation and confirm it contains a tps.config file with all your relevant database connection credentials.

    22.  Rename the copied folder to match the same name you gave to the new virtual directory in step 6.

    23.  Perform an IIS reset.