Error 404 when accessing http for EMSS web console

Version 2



    Show some troubleshooting steps for error 404 when trying to access components of the EMSS web console.



    Receiving Error 404 when accessing http://Localhost/Gravitix or http://Localhost/agentcenter/agentcenter.asmx


    However, https://Localhost/servicerequestrestis accessible


    Essentially, http is being blocked where https is not




    This can sometimes happen when IIS extension Hardening is enabled, or firewall is blocking port 80




    1.       Ensure port 80 is not blocked, or if it is, add the EMSS browser locations to the whitelist


    2.       Look at IIS extension Hardening, the following command will allow all extensions, run in an elevated command prompt


    a.    C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set config /section:requestfiltering /fileExtensions.allowunlisted:true



    Affected Product(s)