How To: Install a Standalone Ivanti Antivirus Agent

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    Is it possible to install a standalone Antivirus agent?




    The closest thing to a standalone Ivanti Antivirus agent is configuring an Ivanti Agent Configuration to install only Ivanti Antivirus.


    An alternative is to do the following:


    1. On the core server browse to \Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldlogon\avclient\install\setup and use the Setup.exe.  This will install a Kaspersky branded installation of Antivirus.
    2. After installing on the client click "License" in the bottom left corner of the Ivanti AV UI, select the option to browse for a key and use the key that you have received from Ivanti for Ivanti Antivirus.


    The following steps describe the best-known method for installing a "standalone" Ivanti Antivirus agent.  It assumes that you want to install the Ivanti Antivirus agent on a client computer that does not have access to the core server, and will access the Internet rather than the Core Server for antivirus pattern file updates.


    Part One - Preparation


    1. Ensure that you have the latest Antivirus Engine and Latest Antivirus Patches.  Downloads for Endpoint Manager (formerly LANDESK Management Suite and Security Suite)

    2. Download the latest Antivirus Pattern Files


        a. Open the Security and Patch Manager Tool in the Ivanti Endpoint Manager console.

        b. Click the "Download Updates" icon.  (The first icon in the list)

        c. Go to the "Ivanti Antivirus" tab and click "Get latest definitions"


    Part Two - Ivanti Antivirus Settings


    1. In the Management Suite Console go to Tools - Configuration - Agent Settings.

    2. Expand My Agent Settings or Public Agent Settings and go to the Security Group, then select Ivanti Antivirus.



    3. Select the Antivirus Setting you wish to modify and select [Edit].

    4. Review all settings on all tabs and make sure they are set as desired.

    5. On the "Update" tab, set "Download Virus Definition Update from" to either "Internet only" or "Internet First.  Fallback to core if internet is not available".

    Note: These option will determine where the client will attempt to get it's Antivirus Pattern File updates from.  If the client will have no access to the Core Server, select "Internet only".

    If the client will have occasional access to the Core, select "Internet First.  Fallback to core if internet is not available.

            6. Once all changes have been made to the LANDESK Antivirus settings, save the settings.


    Part Three - Agent Configuration


      1. Open the Agent Configuration Tool in theIvanti Endpoint Manager Console within the Configuration tool group.
      2. Select the first icon, which is the "New Agent Configuration" icon, or right-click an empty space in this window and select "New Windows agent configuration"
      3. In the section labeled "Start" select only "Ivanti Antivirus" under "Agent components to install" and deselect all other components.
      4. Expand the section labeled "Standard Ivanti Agent" and go to the Inventory Settings section. 
      5. Select the desired Inventory setting to edit, or click Configure and then New to create a new setting.
      6. In the "Scanner Settings" section deselect all checked boxes.
      7. Set Change History storage to 0 days and change Software Scan frequency to 999
      8. In the "Software Usage Monitoring" section uncheck the "Use software monitor" box
      9. In the "Schedule section" uncheck all checkboxes.
      10. Select "Distribution and Patch and in the right-hand pane either click Edit to edit, or click Configure and then New to create a new setting.
      11. Unceck all checkboxes for the following:
        • Policy Sync Schedule
        • Patch-only settings -> Scan options -> Schedule
        • Frequent Scan
        • Pilot configuration
        • Spyware Scanning
        • Portal Manager
        • Ivanti Workspaces
      12. Click "Save".
      13. Under "Security and Compliance" go to "Ivanti Antivirus" and click "Configure" next to the desired Antivirus setting.
      14. Go to Scheduled Tasks -> Update and under "Download virus definition from:" select "Internet only" or "Internet first.  Fall back to core if internet is not available" and click "Save".
      15. If you have an existing Antivirus product from another party it will be removed.
      16. Select the Ivanti Antivirus Setting you created or modified in Part Two of these instructions.
      17. Select a Scan and Repair setting whose Reboot Settings will be used by the install.
      18. Select the option for "Include Antivirus Setup Files"
      19. Make sure in the top section under "Configuration Name" that you have named your Configuration a suitable name.
      20. Save the Agent Configuration.
      21. Right-click the Agent Configuration and select "Create self-contained client installation package"
      22. Select the directory you would like the Agent Configuration Executable to be saved to.
      23. This will create two executables in the directory you selected.

    Configurationname.exe    (This is a silent installation executable)

    Configurationname_with_status.exe  (This will install the agent with a GUI showing the status during installation)



    At this point you can run the Agent Configuration executable file you created on your Client computer.


    Note: During the Antivirus installation process, the client attempts to contact the core server.  If the core server is not available, the client will stop attempting to contact the core server and the installation will continue.  The timeout when attempting to contact the server can add up to a 10 minute delay to the Antivirus installation process.