Error '(9) frmADMDetail.cmdOK_Click' is shown upon configuring Microsoft GPO for location based application options

Version 5



    Consider the following scenario:


    • A new User Registry Policy is created.
    • During creation, the AppPrivacy.admx is added.
    • The policy option Let Windows apps access location is selected.


    In this scenario, the configuration is blocked by the following error message:


    2018-06-14 15_14_31-Ivanti - Work - win10170901-dl - Royal TS.png


    Error #: 9

    Error Description: Subscript out of range

    Procedure: frmADMDetail.cmdOK_Click

    Process: pwrtech.exe




    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.950.0.




    Create the registry keys manually and import these items into the registry with a User Registry action or use Microsoft Group Policy management to apply the setting.