How to determine which Deployment group a machine belongs to (from the client side)

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    In certain scenarios, you may need to determine which Deployment group a machine belongs to without using the Management Console.




    1 - Using the 'groupid' value from the registry


    There is a registry value on the client which persists the 'GroupPK' of the group which the machine falls into:


    Registry Key = HKLM\SOFTWARE\AppSense Technologies\Communications Agent

    Value Name   = GroupId

    Value Type   = REG_SZ


    This value is not of much use on its own, although you can run the following query on the Management database to get a list of the Deployment groups and their matching 'GroupPKs':


    SELECT [GroupPK]
    , [Name]
    FROM [Groups]


    The results from this query can then be matched up with the 'GroupId' value from the registry, to determine which group the machine belongs to.


    2 - Using a set of CCA logs


    The assigned deployment group can also be determined by collecting a set of Deployment Agent logs (instructions on how to do this can be found here).


    Once you have gathered the logs, you can see that the Deployment group name is reported in the response from the server:


    L3 T7760 463866687 [LogData] [REPLY]: [  <groupname>v10 Endpoints</groupname>]


    NOTE: You may still only see the 'groupid' reported in the client logs if you are using a legacy version of the Deployment agent. In this case, you will need to use the first method instead.