A Reusable Condition which depends on network connectivity fails even if the network is available

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    In certain scenarios you may see a reusable condition fail, specifically when:


    1. One of the conditions specified depends on the network being available.
    2. The reusable condition is referenced multiple times within your configuration.


    Examples of conditions which rely on network availability include:


    • User or Computer Group membership conditions.
    • AD Site membership conditions.
    • File or Folder exists conditions which point to a network resource.
    • Custom conditions which rely on network resources.




    Reusable conditions are only evaluated once per session, which is by design - further details of this can be found here - Condition Management.


    If the network is unavailable the first time that this type of reusable condition runs, then the condition is evaluated 'false' - and any subsequent uses of the condition in your policy will also evaluate as 'false' - regardless of whether the network is available.


    This has only been seen by support where the first reference to the reusable condition exists on the "Computer Startup" trigger - in this case we would recommend that you move the condition and associated actions to the "Network Available" trigger - which will only fire once there is a network connection.