HOWTO: Reset the primary team settings for multiple Ivanti Automation Agents

Version 3


    How can the primary team settings for multiple Ivanti Automation Agents be reset? E.g. when the Agents are configured with 'Agent' settings.


    Info: A team can be configured as a primary team by enabling the option 'Automatically set as primary team for new members' in Members tab of a team.



    An Ivanti Automation Agent can be configured with settings based on a Global level, Team level or Agent level. Agent level settings will overrule the Team and Global settings. Team settings will overrule the Global settings.

    When multiple Agents are member of a primary team and their settings are reconfigured to Agent level settings, the settings can be reverted by using one of the following methods:


    • Remove the Agents from the primary team and add them again. New members of a primary team will be configured with the team settings.
    • Change the Dispatcher Detection settings to Global Settings for multiple Agents:
      • In Topology > Agents, select multiple Agents, right-click and select "Change Settings of selected Agents...".
      • Select the Dispatcher Detection settings which needs to be reverted to Team Settings. Make sure the option 'Use global setting' is selected for each setting.
      • After closing these windows, the settings for each selected Agent will be re-evaluated and changed to the primary team settings if the Agent is a member of a primary team.