How to find out what EmCmdLet.dll can do

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    You may find that you are unsure of what EmCmdLet.dll can do for you and how it can be used.



    The EmCmdLet.dll module is a simple Powershell module provided with Environment Manager 8.5 onwards. It exports its commands so they can be inquired using Powershell as below:


    Get-Module 'C:\Program Files\Appsense\Environment Manager\Agent\EmCmdLet.dll' -ListAvailable | % { $_.ExportedCommands.Values }


    This should output a tabled format of all calls available. As of 10.1 FR4, this looks like this:


    Image: Clear-SessionVariable, Get-SessionVariable, Set-SessionVariable, Test-SessionVariable, Import-EMPManagedAppData, Export-EMPManagedAppData, Sync-DesktopSettings, Test-EmUserOperations


    Each of these calls is descriptively named and should provide enough of a lead into what its function is.


    IMPORTANT: The EmCmdLet.dll module relies on communication with EmUser.exe which is not available during logoff. Attempting to use the module during logoff will fail. If there is a requirement to interact with applications during logoff, use the /APPSENSESPECIAL switch documented here instead: