Error sharedSoftGrid.fstrSGRetrievePKGName at session start

Version 4


    Consider the following scenario:


    • Microsoft App-V 4.6 is used in combination with Ivanti Workspace Control.
    • The user logs on to a Workspace Control managed session.


    In this scenario, the following error will be shown:


    Program : pfwsmgr.exe

    Procedure : sharedSoftGrid.fstrSGRetrievePKGName

    Error (-2147024891) Access denied

    Machine : <hostname>

    Program will resume normal operation...




    Either or both of two causes could be applicable:

    1. No Microsoft App-V 4.6 client is installed on the machine.
    2. The location for the .OSD file is not accessible from the session.




    1. Install the Microsoft App-V 4.6 client on the affected machine.
    2. Check and verify the accessibility of the location where the .OSD file(s) is/are stored from the session.


    Note: This issue has been confirmed on Microsoft App-V 4.6. It may also apply to App-V 5.x.