Push deployment of an Ivanti Automation component to local machine fails on "Remove previous deployment instance"

Version 12


    When deploying an Ivanti Automation component to the local machine the installation fails on "Remove previous deployment instance". This also occurs when repairing a component on an existing agent.

    On the "Computers" tab the error: "The following error occured while connecting to the service database (5 - Access denied)" is displayed.


    Below is an example of the Push Deployment window.





    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Automation 2019.0.


    Note: The Automaton Console does not have enough privileges to perform installation tasks on the local machine. This happens when the Automation component is being deployed to the local target (localhost) where the Automation Console is already installed.

    To resolve this, the Automation Console should be started with the "Run as administrator" option. The installation will then continue.