Problem/Solution: Quick Actions Editor Automatically Redirects Back to the Dashboard

Version 2


    Behavior occurs under ISM Premise 2017.3.1 and past versions. Will probably also occur in most future versions.  This is very unlikely to affect Cloud versions.

    This normally will not happen with an OOTB installation of ISM Premise.


    Fix Requires Access To:

    Access to the file system on the server on which ISM is installed, including edit permissions for ISM files.



    Upon trying to open the Quick Actions editor, it immediately redirects back to the initial Dashboard of ISM once it finishes loading, preventing access to editing or creating Quick Actions.



    The setting for making ISM web cookies become HttpOnly cookies has been set in the application's Web.config file on the server where ISM is installed.  This causes the Quick Actions editor to be unable to validate the current user's session, and it redirects back to the Dashboard.



    1. Log in to the server where ISM is installed as a user who has file edit permissions for the folder where ISM is installed.
    2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder "C:\Program Files\HEAT Software\HEAT\AppServer\"  For ISM installations that were upgraded from much older versions, the path may instead be "C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\AppServer\"
    3. Make a backup copy of the file "Web.config" as Web.config.old", to have a file to restore from if something goes wrong.
    4. Open the file "Web.config" in a text editor and find a line that looks like:<httpCookies httpOnlyCookies="true">. This entry will normally not be present with an out-of-the-box Web.config file.
    5. Delete that line and any corresponding </httpCookies>
    6. Save the file, and then log out and then back in on any active ISM sessions
    7. A user with access to the Quick Actions editor should no longer encounter the redirect problem.