Unmanaged shortcuts are not retained in replace mode

Version 5


    Consider the following scenario:


    • In the Ivanti Workspace Control Console in Composition > Applications > Settings, the Windows Shell shortcut creation mode is configured with the option Replace all unmanaged shortcuts.
    • In the Workspace Control managed user session, an unmanaged application shortcut is created on the desktop or in the Start Menu. This is a shortcut to an executable file.
    • A shortcut is created in either %userprofile%\Desktop for the desktop or %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs for the Start Menu.
    • The user logs off and logs on again.


    In this scenario, the unmanaged application shortcut is not available anymore in the location where it was created.




    By design, the option Replace all unmanaged shortcuts only gives users access to Workspace Control managed applications.




    Create a managed shortcut. Variables can be used to make the shortcut generic for multiple users.


    Capturing unmanaged application shortcuts with User Settings is not supported.

    On a folder redirected location the unmanaged shortcuts will be replaced as well.