Subscribing to Patch Content Notifications

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    Subscribing to Patch Content Notifications

    The latest patch content release announcements are posted on the Ivanti Community site.  There are typically two announcements per product per week, but there may be more to address the immediate security threats. While you are welcome to check our community site regularly for updates, it is more efficient to receive automated notification when a release is made.  We provide two mechanisms for these notifications – email and RSS feed.

    Patch Content Notification Locations

    Let’s first look at some important locations on our community site.  A list of the current products and their associated content are shown in a Patch Content Notifications bulletin.  You should see information like this on the page:

    Each item contains a link to the product space with the release information.  For example, clicking on Patch for SCCM Content Notifications takes you to a page that looks like this:


    Each announcement is shown as a separate document under Recent Content.  You can open these to see the application and version details in the release.

    NOTE:  You can access these community pages without logging into the site.  However, you will need to log in to configure email subscriptions as explained in the next section.

    Setting Up an Email Subscription

    Tracking changes for any activity on the Ivanti Community Site is managed from the News page.  The first time you access this page it will contain the default configuration, and the panel on the left will look like this:

    The community site allows you to track People, Places, and Tags using a concept called Streams.  We are going to track our patch content notifications using Places and put them in a new stream.

    Step 1: Click New Stream in the left panel and enter a name for your stream, such as Content Notifications.  DON’T click Done when you are finished.

    Step 2: Enter Content Notifications in the Search bar to the right.  The page will dynamically search for all matching information, so please wait a few seconds for an updated list.  You will see a circling icon to the right while it is searching.


    Step 3: Scroll down until you see Places.  Select the content notifications you want to track by clicking Add.  They will appear in the column to the left and the Add box will be greyed out in the search list.

    NOTE: You don't need to subscribe to the Patch Content Notifications place because it is the landing page where the individual links for the product notifications are located and will not change.


    Step 4: Click the email icon at the top of the column to turn on notifications.  When changes are made to the spaces selected you will receive an email with the changed item details.  Each time a new announcement file is added to the product space, you will receive the detailed information in an email.  We are using these spaces only for new content and special product announcements, so you will not be spammed with any advertising information.


    Step 5: Finally, click Done next to the stream name to save your changes.  You will see the News page change to display all recent Content Notifications which is still selected.

    NOTE:  This screenshot shows four patch products in the stream. You should only subscribe to the product(s) you are using.  There are slight differences in the content released and timing of the releases for each product.

    Once you have saved your configuration by clicking Done, all changes we post to any of the selected spaces will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

    You are welcome to set up any streams and notifications you want on our community site.  This example was provided as a quick way to set up content notifications.  We recommend you create separate streams as the email notification is ‘all or nothing’ using this configuration.  You may want to create other streams without email notification where you log into the community from time to time to see what has been happening in your areas of interest.

    Changing your Stream or Email Subscriptions

    You can change your stream or email subscriptions by clicking the small triangle icon next to the stream name.  The edit options are shown here:


    Setting Up an RSS Feed

    You can use your favorite RSS tool to receive information from the Ivanti Community site.  A separate document called Using RSS Feeds with the Community provides a detailed explanation and will not be duplicated here.

    In summary, you can navigate to the space you want to monitor (such as the Patch for SCCM Notifications shown earlier) and click Actions to show your options.

    Selecting the Feeds option opens the list of URLs you can add to your RSS tool.




    Bulletin of Products

    EPM Content

    Patch for SCCM Content

    Patch for Windows Content

    Endpoint Security / Patch for Linux, Unix, and macOS Content


    Using RSS Feeds