How To Avoid Duplicate Machines In The Management Server when Using SCCM To Build Machines

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Management Center 2018.1


    We have had a number of customers report they are seeing Duplicate Machines in the Management Server when they use SCCM to build the machine.



    This issue is caused because the Ivanti Deployment Agent (AppSense Communications Agent) is installed and started before the Machine is registered on the Domain.

    This creates a machine in machines table with an incomplete DNS and no distinguished name.

    When the machine is subsequently added to the domain a second machine entry is registered.





    There are a couple of ways to resolve this.

    The first one would be to join the machine to the domain before installing the Ivanti Deployment Agent.


    As this may not always be practical, the second method would be to enable Windows Authentication on the Management Server.

    Launch the Server Configuration Portal (usually http://localhost:7750) and browse to Management > Management Servers > SERVERNAME > DEFAULT. Now set the Authenticion to Windows instead of Anonymous.


    This will result in the Deployment Agent receiving a 401 error when contacting the Management Server, thus preventing it from registering until it is joined to the domain.