Ivanti Automation Dispatcher is not handling jobs after a reboot or restart of the service

Version 3


    After a reboot or restart of the Dispatcher service, jobs are not being handled by the Dispatcher for a long time. Eventually, jobs will be processed again.



    The Dispatcher will check if the locally stored resources still apply. When the size and number of the resources is very large (e.g. 25 GB), the process to check and download the resources can take several minutes to complete. In the meantime, the Dispatcher is not ready to handle any scheduled jobs.



    This is behavior by design.




    As a temporary workaround, the locally stored resources can be removed and the following  setting can be changed to "Cache resources when needed" Automation Console > Topology > Dispatchers > Dispatcher properties > Dispatcher Cache timing .

    In this scenario the Dispatcher will only store the resources locally when needed. Use the "Dispatcher cache duration" setting to control how long the resources will be stored locally.


    The resources are stored (by default) in the installation folder of the Dispatcher: C:\Program Files\RES\Automation\Dispatcher\Resources.

    To change the cache location follow this KB article: HOWTO: Change the location of the Ivanti Automation Dispatcher resource cache folder



    For information on how to store the resources on a Master caching Dispatcher only, see the Ivanti Automation Admin Guide: Master caching