HOWTO: Migrate user settings for an upgraded application

Version 3


    How to migrate user settings for an upgraded application.




    If the upgraded application is using the same paths in both the Microsoft Windows registry and the file system, no specific action is needed.

    Ivanti Workspace Control will restore the settings as they were captured before the application was upgraded.


    Note: Although the registry and files that are restored using Workspace Control have the same values, the behavior of the application might change because of the location of the values. This is bound to the application itself.



    If the paths have changed, for example, because the version number of the application is incorporated in the registry path, the administrator has to modify the original user settings configuration before attempting to upgrade the application.

    In the original user settings configuration, any changed path between the current and the upgraded version of the application should be replaced by an environment variable. This environment variable can be used to distinguish two paths within the same user setting.





    Change the current user settings location from


    and make sure that this Environment Variable is configured: