Deploying a new Automation Agent from Console fails on "Remove previous deployment instance"

Version 4


    When deploying a new Automation Agent, from the Automation Console, Push Deployment fails on "Remove previous deployment instance".




    The requirements for deploying a new Agent to that client are not met.




    There are multiple solutions possible:

    - Disable the Firewall on the client (Least secure!)

    - Enable "File and Printer Sharing" in the Network and Sharing Center

    - Enable the "File and Printer Sharing (SMB-In)" rule for the Domain profile in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (Most secure.)


    Note that for deploying an Agent to the local machine, the Console needs to be started with the "Run as Administrator" option.

    This is under investigation by Ivanti: Push deployment of an Ivanti Automation component to local machine fails on "Remove previous deployment instance"