Velocity TE: How to change font size in Native mode / Green screen is too small when using Velocity

Version 1


    Velocity TE 2.x

    Connecting to a one of the following host system VT100 / VT220 / 5250 / 3270 / XTERM / HP



    • My emulation screen (commonly called the Green screen) is too small / too big to read
    • Not all of the words fit on the screen
    • I can't read my emulation screen



    1. Open your Velocity Console
    2. Open your Velocity TE Project
    3. Go to Settings on the top right
    4. Select "Native Theme" on the left
    5. On the right, Adjust the font size
    6. Deploy these changes to a new WLDEP file and place the file within the com.wavelink.velocity folder on your device.


    Android Display Sizing Adjustments:

    Outside of the Velocity client, you can also adjust the font size from within the device settings itself. I would only suggest adjusting this first if the font size on the screen was "way too big" or "way too small". Then, once it's closer to what you want, you can make slight adjustments within the Velocity Console.

    Go to Apps > Settings > Font Size: