Error: "Failed to download additional files - (80070005)"

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    The most common error seen with software distribution is a variant on


    Failed to download all additional files


    Failed to download and hash all additional files


    This error will appear any time there was a problem downloading files to the client or a problem hashing the files. Even when there are no "additional files" in the package, if there were problems downloading the main file or the task manifiest file, this error will appear.


    To troubleshoot this error, usually the client side log, sdclient_task###.log from C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\Data\ is the most useful. For more troubleshooting tips for this issue please see:


    • Getting a 16389 error in the task
    • Getting a 105 error in the task


    Task returns error: Failed to download and hash all additional files

    Troubleshooting "Failed to download additional files"



    Error 80070005

    A very common root cause of the error, Failed to download additional files, is 80070005. This can be seen in the sdclient_task###.log file. It will look something like the following:


    Wed, 26 Aug 2009 13:32:19 Downloading file 222 of 251 from '\\server\programs\setup.exe'
    Wed, 26 Aug 2009 13:32:20 .\AdditionalFiles.cpp(199): (80070005): Failed to download file \\server\programs\setup.exe : (80070005)


    This error tracks back to a Microsoft error and is related to permissions. The client machine was denied permissions to access/download the file in question.



    The most common resolution to this error is to add the group, "Domain Computers" to the permissions of the file or folders that are not being downloaded. When Ivanti EPM downloads file, they are downloaded using the client's Local System account. That account is automatically a member of the "Domain Computers" group. Adding at least read permissions to the "Domain Computers" group for the affected files and folders will generally resolve this issue.

    Note: These permissions need to be added/modified for the NTFS settings (Security tab) and the share settings (Sharing Tab -> Permissions)

    Another Note: The "Everyone" group does not include the "Domain Computers" group or any Local System accounts. The "Everyone" group contains only people or users. Granting permissions to the "Everyone" group will not provide the needed access to the Local System account used by LANDESK to download the files


    Security Note: Generally, granting permissions to the "Domain Computers" group does not present much of a security concern. The only members of the group are the Local System accounts of the machines in the domain, which cannot be used to log on. If there are concerns about security, preferred servers can be used where a particular account is specified to perform the downloads. Simply configure the core, or primary package server as a preferred server and provide the desired credentials. To configure preferred servers, see:

    How to Configure a Preferred Package Server?


    For more information on this error please see Ivanti Community article 8224.