"How do you want to open this file?" popup is appearing after registering PDF file type on Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Version 6


    The File Type for PDF is showing a popup of How do you want to open this file? in an Ivanti Workspace Control managed session after registering the PDF file type for Acrobat Reader or another PDF Reader.

    Consider the following scenario:

    • The client operating system is Microsoft Windows Server 2016.
    • Ivanti Workspace Control has a file type configured i.e. the PDF file type is configured to open with Acrobat Reader or another PDF Reader.
    • Clicking on a PDF file during the session will show the window How do you want to open this file? window.


    2018-07-16 08_56_35-Ivanti - Work - admin01-dl.SUPDBO.local - Royal TS.png


    Clicking OK will open the file just fine and will work for the rest of this session. For user sessions that have local profiles or roaming profiles, it will work fine for next sessions as well.

    However, it will not work on sessions that use mandatory profiles or profiles that will be erased after the user has logged off.



    • Active Setup is required to run. Within Composition > Applications > Settings, the option Disable Active Setup needs to be unchecked.
    • Disabling Active Setup may have a positive effect on login times, but certain features depend on the actions it performs.




    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Workspace Control