How to remove quarantined files from an Ivanti Antivirus client

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    LANDESK Management Suite 2016.xLANDESK Endpoint Manager 2017.x



    How do I remove quarantined files from a LANDesk Antivirus client.




    Quarantined virus files are stored on the client computer in the following location:




    Quarantine files have a .QAR extension.


    These files can be removed from this directory even while Ivanti Antivirus is running without any ill effect.


    They can be removed through the Ivanti Client GUI by clicking the Antivirus shield icon, and then clicking "Show details" next to the Quarantined Items section.



    To remotely remove these files, a script should be written to delete *.QAR from the remote Quarantine directory on the client.


    A script can be written using a batch file, an Ivanti script, or other means.