About Antivirus exclusions (exceptions) for the LANDESK Core Server

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    This article discusses Antivirus exclusions (also known as exceptions) that are recommended for the LANDESK Core Server.


    When installing Antivirus on the LANDESK Core server, it is recommended to set the Real-time Portection File Types to Scan option to "Scan infectable files only".  This is set within the LANDESK Antivirus settings on the "Real-time Protection" tab.


    For general information about Antivirus Exclusions, see this article.


    For specific information on configuring Antivirus Exclusions for specific server types (IIS, SQL, Exchange, Etc) see this article.



    Some Antivirus products (LANDESK Antivirus included) have separate exclusions lists for real-time scanning and on-demand scanning.  Most exclusions will apply only to Real-time Scanning, as scanning some directories during computer operation can severely impact performance.


    Antivirus exclusions need to be set both in the "Protection" tab within the LANDESK Antivirus settings.  Within this section there is a "Realtime" tab and a "Virus Scan" tab.



    Configuring Antivirus exclusions for a LANDESK Core Server



    As most LANDESK Core servers house IIS for the web console, general Antivirus exclusion instructions should be followed that pertain to IIS:


    Create the following exclusions:

      • The IIS compression directory (default compression directory is %systemroot%\IIS Temporary Compressed Files)
        (For XP and Server 2003 use "%systemroot%\IIS Temporary Compressed Files")
      • The  %systemroot%\system32\inetsrv folder
      • Files that have the .log extension


    If the SQL Database resides on the core server, the following instructions should be followed:




    LANDESK specific directories:


    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\brokerreq

    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\IncomingData

    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\ldscan

    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\log

    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\sdstatus

    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\xddfiles

    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\vulscanresults

    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\ldlogon\agentbehaviors

    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\ldlogon\vulnerabilitydata


    LANDESK specific files:

    \Program Files\LANDESK\ManagementSuite\LANDESK.ManagementSuite.Licensing.ActivateCore.exe

    \Program Files\LANDESK\Managementsuite\ldlogon\ldiscn32.exe


    General Exclusion information for Microsoft Operating Systems