Ivanti Automation 2018.2 Released

Version 2

    Ivanti Automation 2018.2 is now available


    The latest release of Automation includes:


    • SQL Query Results - Extended the SQL Query task to be able to return results that can be used in other tasks
    • REST Task Support – Connect to REST API-based sources natively rather than using PowerShell scripts when creating tasks
    • Customizable Message Dialog – Customize the text and title of the Message Dialog that appears when starting the Console and Web Management Portal
    • Management Portal Enhancements – The Components, Security, and Information pages found in the desktop Console are now available in the Web Management Portal


    Please refer to the Release Notes document for detailed information about this release.


    Access Ivanti Automation 2018.2


    Download the latest release of Automation from the Ivanti Community download page. For the latest end-of-life dates, please refer to the end of life page.


    Automation Standard licenses are now available


    The new Automation Standard edition is a free version of Automation for all Ivanti customers with current active maintenance. It includes all of the features of the Automation Enterprise edition but supports only connectors to other Ivanti products. The new Automation Standard edition license is now available.


    To request an Automation Standard license:


    1. Download Ivanti Automation from the Ivanti Community download page.
    2. Install Ivanti Automation 2018.2.
    3. Select Standard (or evaluate Enterprise) for a 45-day trial.
    4. Send an email to your Ivanti sales representative requesting a Standard license (or to purchase an Enterprise license) within 15 days of the trial end date.
    5. Your Ivanti sales rep will create and submit an order for no cost.
    6. Once your order is processed, you will be provided with a Standard license.
    7. “Install” your new Standard license.




    Alongside the features in the Automation release, don’t forget that you also have access to additional, value-add content and integrations for Identity Director and Automation in the recently launched Ivanti Marketplace. Here you’ll find trusted pre-built content to you get up and running faster as well as connectors and integrations for other solutions provided by Ivanti and our Ivanti One partners.


    We’ll continue to expand our content, and connectors across our portfolio.  Always check the Ivanti Marketplace for new connectors!