2018.1 HTML5 Mac Remote Control - Grant Permission not Displayed for End Users

Version 5


    After installing Ivanti Endpoint Manager (EPM) 2018.1, the remote control settings were merged with the standard remote control Agent Settings. This resulted in HTML5 Remote Control no longer displaying the grant permission prompt for end users when remote control is initiated, regardless of the choice selected.





    Download the attached shell script, or use the following command to create your own, and create a distribution package.

    Push the package to all affected machines.


    /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Set :com.landesk.remote:UserControlFilter true" /Library/Preferences/com.landesk.ldms.plist


    This command will update the UserControlFilter value in the com.landesk.ldms.plist file to 'true', which will enable the end user prompt.

    This will not display any custom messages configured in the Remote Control settings, and instead will display a box similar to the one in the screenshot below.


    Mac HTML5 RC Grant.png