Password not working after upgrading to GoldMine Premium Edition 2018.2.x or higher.

Version 4


    With the release of GoldMine Premium Edition 2018.2.x and higher, a password complexity rule has been put into place.  For further information please see the 2018.2 Release Notes >> "What's New in GoldMine 2018.2"  >> GoldMine Premium Edition >> User password complexity.  The full list of changes, enhancements, and further important information is contained in the 2018.2 Release Notes contained in the 2018.2 download >> Documentation.


    This item is specifically discussed in the GoldMine 2018.2 Readme file >> Item #6:

    6. In GoldMine 2018.2 version we added password complexity rules and password validation on login. In previous versions, passwords were saved in the database using upper case letters. Existing users that do not change their password after the upgrade must enter their password using upper case letters at login in GoldMine Premium Edition or GoldMine Connect.



    - All previous user passwords that contained letters either upper or lower case worked without issue in GoldMine 2018.1 or lower regardless of the case used. 

    - After upgrade to GoldMine 2018.2 or higher users receive an incorrect password error and can have their account blocked after too many 'incorrect' attempts.



    - For users that already had passwords that contained letters the letters MUST be keyed in CAPS to be able to login to GoldMine.

    - If the user does become blocked before learning they need to use all CAPS after the upgrade please unblock the user by:


    "Your account has been blocked" when logging into GoldMine

    You can choose to turn off or on a password policy to block accounts after 3 failed login attempts

    This setting can be found under Tools > Configure > System Settings > Password Policy


    To Unblock Accouts:

    1. Login to GoldMine as a Master User
    2. Go to Tools > User's Settings
    3. Highlight the blocked user > Click on Properties
    4. Click the Unblock Account button


    If the above process does not work because the MASTER accounts are blocked or the MASTER account password is not known then please follow this article as a last resort:

    How to recreate a new Master rights user if no Current Master users exist or the password for the master user is not known.