Read-only DB User

Version 4


    - With GoldMine 2018.2 and higher we have employed "Secure by Design" and "Privacy by Default" practices.

    - As part of this during the upgrade or initial install of GoldMine Premium Edition 2018.2 or higher A read-only DB account is needed to enable the SQL Query feature in GoldMine.

    - The information regarding this requirement is presented to the Administrator during upgrade with the following dialogue:

    SQL User Information.PNG



    - If the SQL Read Only user is not created then when a user attempts to use the SQL Query function in GoldMine under the Tools menu >> SQL Query all of the options will by "grayed out/unavailable" as shown below:

    Cannot use SQL Query.PNG




    NOTE: The change below is required for every database (or contact set) that is utilized by GoldMine.  This is not a system wide change.

    1. Login to GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights.

    2. Click the Tools menu >> Databases >> Alias Manager >> Edit Alias.

    3. In the "Edit Alias" dialogue check the option "Enable SQL Queries" and key the username and password of a Read Only SQL user that GoldMine will create for you in SQL (no need to do anything in the SQL program, GoldMine takes care of this for you) >> click "OK".

    Additional Note: The SQL user performing this action MUST have sysadmin rights in Microsoft SQL Server (so it might be necessary to temporarely change also te Login and Password information on the below screen. If applicable the change should then be reverted after the READ-Only user has been created and the SQL Queries or Filter Preview capability has been verified 


    Enable SQL Queries.PNG



    Please see also Preview and Drill Down on a filter brings "Assertion failed" error