Installation Manager fails at stopping services during upgrade

Version 3


    To resolve an issue with Installation Manager failing to stop the running application server services.



    During the upgrade, Installation Manager fails at "Stopping Services"



    Replication Service fails to stop properly during the upgrade.

    It is unknown at this time why the service is not stopping normally.



    To resolve this issue:

    1. Open Services.msc and Installation Manager, view them both on the same screen.

    2. Find the Replication Service in services.

    3. Open Installation Manager  and start the upgrade process.

    4. After Installation Manager finishes downloading the required files, the application server services will be stopped.

    5. When the "Stopping Services" message appears in the  install window, right click and stop Replication Service in the Services.msc window.

    6. The install will continue as expected.



    Additional Information

    Services that will be stopped during upgrade:

    Replication Service

    EDS Server


    World Wide Web Publishing Service


    Note: EDS InstallerService is a self contained Web server that is performing the upgrade. Do not stop this service.


    Affected Products

    Ivanti Endpoint Security (IES) 8.5 Update 1 and later

    Heat Endpoint Management and Security Suite (EMSS) 8.5