Issue: Antivirus pattern files (definitions) not updating on core server

Version 11

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x



    Antivirus definitions not updating on the core server.




    This issue can be caused by various things.




    This issue can be caused by an expired, incorrect, or missing Antivirus Subscription.


    Reactivate the core server.


    If this does not help, take a screenshot of the following screen:


        A. From the Start Menu on the core server, go to the LANDESK program group and select "Core Server Activation".

        B. Click "Licenses" in the bottom left corner.

        C. Screenshot the following screen. 



    There should be an entry for "LANDESK Antivirus 9.x or 10.x Subscription".  Check the expiration date.  If this entry is missing, or the date has expired, or is for the incorrect version of LDMS contact LANDESK Customer Support and select the Licensing option at the phone menu.


    2. Proxy settings are configured incorrectly, or Proxy is blocking access.


        A. Verify proxy settings in the Download Updates - Proxy Settings tab.

        B. Verify that the Proxy server itself is allowing access to the following websites: - ports 80 and 443 - ports 80 and 443 - ports 80 and 443 - ports 21 (ftp) and 80 - ports 21 (ftp) and 80 - ports 21 (ftp) and 80

                               The ## represents a number that will be added depending on traffic load to a specific load.


    3. Update virus definitions process is failing for another technical reason.

        A. Gather the information on the Update Definitions screen, this can be cut and pasted.


          Example: "Verifying access to site US West Coast (
                            Verification complete
                            Processing LANDesk Antivirus Updates
                            Checking for updates...
                            Update failed.

        B. Gather \Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Console.exe.log and \Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\LANDesk\getbases.exe.log and send them to the LANDESK Support technician.  Also include the screenshot of the Licensing screen as taken in Step 1.


    Other questions to answer:


    Does this happen only when doing manual updates, when updating via scheduled task, or both?


    Does this happen on the core server, remote consoles, or both?


    Does this happen regardless of who is logged into the console?


    Note: For information about setting up regular pattern file updates and virus scans, see this article.