The window state, size and location of the main Console window are not remembered

Version 2


    An issue has been discovered in version 7.3 of Console where the window state (normal, maximised, minimised) and the size and location if normal (also used for process wndows) are not saved after your first ever Console session.  This is something saved on a per user basis and although is not a critical issue could be an annoyance if the Console window is not left in a desirable state the first time you used the system, or you want to change it for future sessions.


    This issue has been logged as problem 4370 so if you experience this please report your instance to your support provider quoting that problem number.



    You can reset the display settings so that the state of the main window will be remembered at the next session via the following SQL statement:


    DELETE FROM tps_application_user_setting
    AND tps_user_guid IN (SELECT tps_guid FROM tps_user WHERE tps_name = 'sa')


    (replace 'sa' with the username you want to reset).


    Run the statement then open the Console.  Change the main window to however you would like it from now on then exit for the change to be saved.  Future changes won't be saved however unless you run the SQL statement again.