The size of process windows (Incidents, Problems etc) within Console is not remembered

Version 2


    The size of your process windows is supposed to be remembered so if you resize an incident window and close it, all future incident windows will open with the same dimensions.  However this is not the case and the size of the windows are only dicated by the size of the main Console window when it is not maximised.


    You can therefore change the size of your process windows by changing the size of the main Console window when its not maximised:


    1. Un-maximise (restore) the main Console window.
    2. Resize how you wish process windows to be.
    3. Re-maximise the main Console window.
    4. Exit Console.


    On logging back in the main Console window will still be maximised but its shape when not maximised has been stored and this same size will be used for process windows.  This is however until version 7.3 which does not correctly save the size of the main Console window.  For more information and the workaround for this please see: The window state, size and location of the main Console window are not remembered


    The issue of the process windows not saving has been logged as problem 4371, if you experience this issue please contact your support provider quoting this problem number to have your instance added to the problem record.


    Note: This document is only relevant to process windows (Incidents, Problems etc).  Collection or action windows such as Notes, Assignments etc do not have their sizes remembered by design as this would trigger a significant decrease in Console's performance.