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    The release of Ivanti EPM 2018.1 introduced a new and improved Remote Control option for MacOS clients. Remote Control has been redesigned from the ground up to offer a smoother more secure method. This version will have features added as the product evolves. This document will go over some of the highlights and features of the new method.


    Remote Control WS for Mac uses two applications brand new for 2018.1:



    • Remote Control application located on the Core Server LDLOGON directory. This application handles Remote Sessions to both Windows and Mac Agents.



    • Remote Control process that runs on Mac Agents during Remote Control Sessions. Located under /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/Bin.

    Remote Control.png


    Accessing Remote Control WS for Mac


    Management Console

    Access the new Remote Control via the Management Console is done in the same way as it was done before - via the Right Click Menu > Remote Control WS.

    Right Click Menu.png

    Note how HTML Remote Control is still available. This option is available in order to Remote Control older Mac Agents, but is also available for 2018.1 agents as well.



    The Initial Release of (2018.1) Remote Control WS for Mac includes:


    • KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse)
    • Scaling
      • Fit to Client Window or Native (up to 1920x1080)
    • Supports Multiple Sessions to Mac Client
    • Single Sign-On via Console
    • Command Key Pass-Through option (Bottom section of RCViewer.exe)
    • Remote Control Session Notification
      • Always on Top
      • Movable via Click and Drag


    • Permission Required notifications
      • Second Session will prompt again. Disables all remote input.


    • Copy to Local Clipboard
      • Pressing CTRL + C during a Remote Session will copy content to the Local Clipboard.

    Copy to Clipboard.png

    2018.3 Features

    Remote Execute

    • Allows the administrator to remotely run Applications from the RC Window

    Remote Execute.png

    • Requires Quotes around the Run Execution field in order to successfully execute

    Remote Execute Window.png

    Tunnel Support

    • Allows remote access to Mac Machines through the tunnel (Replaces CSA functionality)

              EPM 2018.3 Remote Control Tunnel


    Upcoming Features

    • File Transfer
    • End Session ability for Agent User
    • Pin Authentication
    • Stand-Alone Use