How to set up an HTTP share for a Preferred Package Share

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    Information on how to debug your Preferred Server configuration can be found here: How to debug why my preferred server config isn’t being used (Preferred server doesn't work)

    For configuring a Preferred Server on a Core Server see the following Community Document:


    Creating an HTTP share for a Preferred Package Server

    Create a folder on your Preferred Package Server - This folder MUST be the same structure as your root folder on your primary package server.



    If the primary package server URL is ..\Program Files\directory1\appname\application.exe

    Your preferred package server would be ..\Program Files\directory1\appname\application.exe.


    Replicate all the files and folders associated with the original package root to the new folder created on the preferred server.
    Any file replication software can be used to automate this process. It is recommended to use LANDesk Content Replication to preserve the hash and to make file management easier.


    1. Install IIS if it is not already installed on your server.
    2. Add the MIME type ".* octetstream/application” to the “DefaultWebsite”. This is done under the properties of the “DefaultWebsite”. If any files have no extension, you will also need to add a . to the Mime Types.
    3. Create a new Virtual Directory in IIS with the same name as the root folder.
      Again, the file structure needs to match identically on your main package server and your preferred package server. If these shares do not match then the file transfer will fail.

      For Example:
      If the primary package server URL is:  http://packageserver/directory1/appname/application.exe
      Your preferred package server would be: http://preferred_package_server/directory1/appname/application.exe

    4. Make sure this Virtual Directory gets “Read” and “Directory Browse” rights.
    5. Assign the IUSR_ account Read and Execute NTFS permissions to the new folder


    For Windows 2008 and IIS 7.5, please visit How to set up a Preferred Server in IIS 7.5