How to fix application scan being stuck for a long time, causing lockdown to not start

Version 4

    How To:

    If your system has been updated from different Windows version it might be related to known issue within the Windows.old folder, the folder is generated when previous version of Windows, for example Windows 7 is updated to Windows 10


    Please follow the below process to fix the issue by adding the exclusion to the scan engine:



    Step by Step:


    1. Open Windows Control Panel.

    2. From the View by list, ensure Category is selected.

    3. Click System and Security.

    Step Result: The System and Security options open.

    4. Click System.

    Step Result: The System options open.

    Using Managed Policies

    - 73 -

    5. Click Advanced system settings.

    Step Result: The System Properties dialog opens to the Advanced tab.

    6. Click Environment Variables.

    Step Result: The Environment Variables dialog opens.

    7. In the System Variables section click New.

    Step Result: The New System Variable dialog opens.

    8. In the Variable name field, type ACAPPSCANEXCLUDE and press ENTER.

    9. In the Variable value field, type "C:\Windows.old\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\*.cab" to be excluded from the scan.

    Press ENTER after you finish typing variables.

    10.Click OK to close the New System Variable dialog.

    11.Close the Environment Variables dialog, System Properties dialog, and Control Panel.

    12.Reboot the endpoint to enable the new system environment variables.


    Scan should take up to 1 hour before lockdown is initiated.