How to: Display Announcements only for user's Org Unit

Version 3

    Requires Access To:


    • access to admin account in ISM



    How To:

    We want to have announcements displaying only to users associated with their Organization Units. How is that possible to configure?


    Step by Step:

    1. Go to AdminUI > Business Object > Announcement > Fields and create a new field and save it.



    2. Now go to Relationships and create a relationship between Announcement and OrgUnit.




    3. Go back to field and under Linked object type choose Announcement




    4. Now go to form used for Announcements (it's called Announcement (Announcement) with OOTB configuration) and put the OrgUnit field on it.


    Please remember to configure the "Display Field" of OrgUnit as per below to display the OrgUnits by their name, not RecID or something else.




    5. Now go to any Announcement and put the value in OrgUnit field.


    6. Go back to AdminUI > Users and Permissions > Roles and Permissions > choose a role (for this test, I did it for Admin) > Object Permission and click on Edit under Access column in Announcement line


    7. Add permissions


    8. Now when you go back to frontend and try to look for announcements, only those for your OrgUnit are displayed.