Verity - How can I make articles (or other items) appear at the top of my search results?

Version 3

    Environment: Service Desk version 7.2.5 to 7.3.1.


    You have the option to use the Standard search option in the Knowledge Management Search component.  Standard option searches in the same way as the verity dashboard and is detailed in the VerityQueryLanguage.pdf which is installed by default on your Verity server (if you fancy further reading on the syntax you can use in this!)

    NOTE:  There are additional things that console adds to a search that the verity dashboard doesn't take account of such as knowledge domains and classifications for example but the basic syntax of the Standard search is the same as  within the verity dashboard test search.


    When you search, the item at the top of the search result is the one which has the search terms in it the most numbers of times. Verity refer to this as "word density".  This is detailed on page 34 of the VerityQueryLanguage.pdf.

    If you want to have articles which match your search string appear higher in your knowledge search results than perhaps incidents, you can do so by adding a weight to the word article.  You can assign a weight to each search term in a query to indicate each search term’s relative importance. The weight assignment is expressed as a number between 01 and 100, where 01 represents the very lowest importance rating and 100 represents the very highest importance rating.  On page 37 of the VerityQueryLanguage guide it gives you more information on this.


    In basic terms, you can search on the keyword you wanted ("test" for example) and then add in the word "article" with a weighting. Weighting values need to be put within [] characters.  So an example of what you'd search on is:


    test, [100] article

    This is where you are searching on the word "test" and the weighting you've given to the word article is 100 so that articles appear at the top of the search results.