Oracle issue causing Web Console Error: Unable to validate user with the database.

Version 2



    When logging into the Web Console you receive the error:

    "Unable to validate user with the database".


    With Log events turned on you will receive the following Event Viewer Error:

    "OracleSQLServerName: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified."




    The Oracle client directory did not have the correct permissions.



    1. Right click on the C:\Oracle folder (the root folder where your client is installed) and choose Properties.
    2. On the security tab add the local machine's Users group (or if you prefer, add the IIS and ASPNET users individually). Grant Read & Execute, List Folder Contents and Read privileges.
    3. Click "Apply".
    4. Click "Advanced"
    5. Check "Replace permission entries on all child objects ..."
    6. Click "Apply". This will take a while to propagate the security grants down to every file and folder of the Oracle client.