How to: Delete Knowledge Management queue messages in the DB

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    The following article shows two solutions to clear down the queue entries of the knowledge rebuild tasks list.


    Clear down the message table

    This should be done to clear out any old queue messages and start afresh.


    Please ensure that you have taken a full restoreable database backup and have everyone logged out of Service Desk prior to carrying out these steps.


    1. Stop the Knowledge services and Background Services prior to running the command

    2. Run the command directly on the relevant DB

    delete FROM  km_knowledge_message


    3. Restarted the Knowledge services and Background Services

    4. Within Knowledge Management Administration, Knowledge Settings, the Queue entries should now be cleared.


    Clear down with the attachments

    Some knowledge messages may contain a value in an attachment attribute called "report". Like every attachment attributes, this will store the value in the tps_attachment_data table, which contains the binary data.


    Please review the following articles for more details about attachment attributes:

    How To work with Attachment File information inside SQL statements

    How To: Create, send and understand Multiple Attachments


    To avoid leaving these attachments' data and hence using space on the disk, you can delete both the entries in the km_knowledge_message table and the associated attachments' data in the tps_attachment_data table. Use the Knowledge_messages_clear_down.sql attached script to do so.


    You will want to perform a database backup before running anything write statement in your database