Error: "The Remote Control Viewer was not installed properly" when attempting to remote control using the web console

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6



    When running Remote Control from the Web Console some users may receiv the following error:


    ActiveX is not letting an the LANDesk Remote Control Add-on execute and is not prompting the user to allow the Add-on to run. Security permissions need to be modified OR the Add-on needs to be approved by an administrator for this to work.


    1. Go Into the IE Security settings and click on the Custom Level button.

      2. Under ActiveX, set the "Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run with out prompting" to Enable.

      The error then goes away and Remote Control works properly for normal users.

      NOTE: This is not the recommended way to fix the issue securely.


    Enabling this ActiveX security setting stops the issue but does not truly fix it.  This is because there is a LANDesk IE Add-On that hasn't been enabled or approved yet. This Add-On can be managed in IE. To properly fix the issue without modifying the Security Permissions:


    1. Go into IE under the Tools Menu > Manage Add-on's > Enable or Disable Add-on's
    2. Verify the existance of an Add-On named "ExecuteViewer2 Class"whose publisher is LANDesk.
    3. Enable this Add-On


    The error then goes away properly and Remote Control should work properly for normal users.